SXM By Night

By Amazing Stay SXM

SXM by Night

To enjoy Sxm by night, Amazing stay sxm propose you to discover the friendly Island on the ducth side, you will find Casinos, Bar, Night Clubs

Go to Lotus, Mykonos or Moon Bar to dance all night and don’t miss the event each year the SXM Festival !

Take a Taxi to enjoy safely !

Don't miss SXM Festival !!!

To the rhythm of electronic music and in front of the most beautiful landscapes of the island, lovers of underground scenes participate in a unique musical and scenographic event. The SXM Festival welcomes for five days more than a hundred international artists. They take turns behind the turntables to make the show and ensure a musical marathon. This festival has only existed since 2016 but it is already one of the must-sees of the genre. Fire is on sxm by night !

sxm by night festival by amazing stay sxm
sxm by night festival by amazing stay sxm

Discover SXM Casinos

The Casinos of St Maarten: It’s Las Vegas in the Caribbean!
A desire to play roulette, slot machines, poker, blackjack, craps…? Take the rental car, destination St Maarten. You will have the choice between no less than 20 casinos. The oldest, the Casino Royale is a huge complex dedicated to gambling. Tables in the number of 21 plus 410 slot machines, it gives an idea. Maybe you will meet some stars who have come to make a fortune… or lose it! Tournaments and shows are organized all year round. You will find this casino in Maho. Enjoy gamble of sxm by night.

Rent a Speed Boat

Enjoy Saint Martin, Sint Maarten, Anguilla or Saint Barthelemy by the sea.

Create extraordinary memories by snorkeling, swimming and open your eyes…