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With more than 70 km of coastline, Saint-Martin is a magnificent island, planted like a paradisiacal setting between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. From wild and peaceful sxm beaches to more lively and touristic ones, all stand out for their uniqueness and illustrate the diversity and richness of the island. These 37 beaches are among the most famous pearls in the Caribbean. Amazing Stay SXM help you discover these wonderful places !

Baie Longue/Long Bay

Located in the heart of the Terres Basses, to the west of the island, Baie Longue beach is the first beach on the French side when you go up the island to the north, leaving the Dutch side to the south. It is one of the largest beaches on the island, which stretches from the Hôtel de la Samanna to Pointe des Canonniers. One of the calmest too, where only the sound of the surf comes to rock the sweet moments of relaxation.

Baie Aux Prunes / Plum Bay

Still in Terres Basses, between the Pointe du Canonnier and the Falaise aux Oiseaux, Baie aux Prunes, or "Plum Bay", is little frequented because it is little known by tourists. With its color palette mixing the gold of the sand with the shades of blues of the sea, Baie aux Prunes calls for calm and plenitude. Rather wild, this magnificent beach covers two facets: in calm sea weather, mask, fins and snorkel are essential to discover its seabed; in swell weather, experienced surfers come to play with the waves.

Baie Rouge / Red bay

So called thanks to the light coloring of its sand, Baie Rouge is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Saint Martin and one of the most popular. Lively and pleasant beach, it is not crowded, however, thanks to its large size and the space it offers. Easily accessible at the entrance to Terres Basses, it has a car park.
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Petite Baie

Poorly protected in bad weather, the beach of Petite Baie is little frequented. In calm weather, it offers an unobstructed view of Marigot Bay and plenty of space for nature lovers. To its left, between Baie Rouge and Pointe du Bluff, Trou David or Trou du Diable, a natural cavity 24 meters deep, offers a magnificent spectacle. The site takes its name from the bubbling waves formed when they crash into the hole.

baie nettle / Nettle bay

On the sea side, Nettle Bay presents a long strip of sand where the beaches are maintained by the hotel complexes present on the site. Swimming is made difficult by the rocks and pebbles as well as the currents. This beach, little frequented, is on the other hand very pleasant because it is rocked by the trade winds. Pretty beaches shaded by the many coconut palms and furnished by the hotels (Hôtel Hommage, Hôtel le Flamboyant, etc.) line the shores of the Simpson Bay lagoon. You can practice wakeboarding or jet-skiing. Swimming in the lagoon, however, is not recommended.

Grand Îlet

In the heart of the Simpson Bay lagoon, Grand Îlet has a beautiful little beach, accessible only by boat, which is ideal for a picnic.


Overlooked by Fort Louis, the Baie de la Potence or Plage de Galisbay forms the northern part of the Bay of Marigot. Small family beach, it is very frequented by locals during weekends and holidays.
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La plage des amoureux / Lover's beach

Nestled in the rocky coast of Pointe Arago, it is the smallest beach in Saint-Martin and cannot accommodate more than two people at the same time, hence its name! Difficult to find on the Chemin des Douaniers, the Plage des Amoureux must be earned.

Anse des pères / Friar's Bay

Located in the north-western part of the island, Friar’s Bay is a very pretty family beach formed by a magnificent cove and well protected from the swell. Two quality beach restaurants have made it famous, Friar's Bay Beach Café and Kali's Beach Bar, which offer quality Creole cuisine ...
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Happy Bay

A true paradise setting, Happy Bay beach is only accessible after a ten-minute walk. To reach it, you park your car in a small car park at the entrance to Grand-Case. It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and has managed to preserve its authenticity and its wild side. Being one of the few beaches still offering some shade thanks to its vegetation, it is ideal for a picnic. It is this paradisiacal place where the SXM Festival, a renowned electronic music festival, takes place once a year, as well as the Holi, the Festival of Colors, and the Oualichi Festival.
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Grand case

In the heart of the picturesque fishing village, the bay of Grand Case is home to a long beach, at the foot of renowned gourmet restaurants and famous small traditional restaurants, called "Lolos". Bay protected from the swell, the sea is calm and the water transparent. Amazing Stay SXm favorite SXM Beaches at only 5mn of Orient Bay !
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Petite plage

Facing the Creole Rock, Petite Plage is the northern extension of the Bay of Grand Case. Partly occupied by the Sunset Café restaurant, it also offers a space devoid of any development. The water is turquoise and calm and the crowds are often small. Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts can explore the famous Creole Rock, located less than 1 km from Petite Plage swimming. The most incerdible sxm beaches.

Anse Marcel

Located at the back of the superb site of Port Lonvilliers, in the north of the island, Anse Marcel beach is a magnificent beach protected and equipped by a renowned gourmet restaurant and the hotels on the site. As the bay is isolated, the sea is calm and swimming and snorkeling enthusiasts can spot sea turtles. Amazing Stay SXm favorite SXM Beaches at only 5mn or Orient Bay !!
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Petites Cayes

To get to Petites Cayes, a half hour walk is required from Anse Marcel. You will then discover a superb beach that has remained wild and most of the time deserted. Ideal for nature lovers, it is also popular with surfers in swell weather.

Grandes Cayes

Grandes Cayes is a site where Saint-Martin families meet for barbecues on public holidays. Large wild beach facing the islet of Tintamarre, it is a superb diving spot on the coral reef
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Magnificent haven of peace and greenery in the middle of the ocean, Îlet Tintamarre is located 4 km northeast of Saint-Martin. Covering an area of nearly 100 hectares, it is part of the territory of the Nature Reserve. Deserted of all human life, one can observe there, while walking inland, the remains of an aerodrome, a small railway line and a cotton farm. The most accessible beach offering easy swimming is the one to the west, Baie Blanche, which faces Saint-Martin. A second beach is located further east, just a few minutes walk from the one where you dock by boat. This beach is wilder and acts as a nursery for many species of fish. Our favorite of sxm beaches.
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Îlet pinel / Pinel island

L'Îlet Pinel is a small paradise island in the heart of the Nature Reserve, located very close to the east coast of Saint-Martin. It is accessed by boat, kayak or paddle from the Cul-de-Sac pier. Two magnificent beaches welcome you there: the first, located opposite Saint-Martin, is a very sheltered tongue of sand. The water is transparent there because the sea has little bottom, and the white sand: a real postcard landscape. On this beach, you will find two restaurants right on the water. It is also a magnificent snorkeling spot. The second beach, wild and stony, is located on the other side of the island, which can be reached in 10 minutes on foot. Legend has it that it was while trying to conquer the island of Saba that the filibuster Pinel was repelled by its inhabitants who, from their mountain refuge, rolled rocks at the pirates. In their rout, the invaders would then have stranded on the islet which bears the name of their fallen captain. At only 7mn of Orient Bay.
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Baie orientale / Orient Bay

Nicknamed "The Saint-Tropez of the Caribbean", Orient Bay beach, located in the northeastern part of the island, is one of the largest beaches on the island and one of the busiest. It offers a full range of tourist facilities: beach restaurants, hotels, shops, water sports. At the western end of Orient Bay beach is the naturist beach. Amazing Stay SXM favorite SXM Beaches !

Caye verte / Green Cay

A few hundred meters from the bustling Orient Bay beach, the small islet of Caye Verte offers a deserted site for lovers of solitude. The practice of snorkeling is ideal there.

Le Galion

Family beach par excellence, Galion Bay is a unique and unspoiled natural site, undoubtedly one of the wildest beaches on the island. Sheltered from the swell by a large coral reef, swimmers appreciate its shallow waters. Offshore, surfers and windsurfers take advantage of the waves that form on reefs above the water. Le Galion is also the privileged place for the local populations during religious and popular festivals at only 4mn of Orient Bay !

Baie de l'Embouchure/ Coconut Grove

Family beach par excellence, Galion Bay is a unique and unspoiled natural site, undoubtedly one of the wildest beaches on the island. Sheltered from the swell by a large coral reef, swimmers appreciate its shallow waters. Offshore, surfers and windsurfers take advantage of the waves that form on reefs above the water. Le Galion is also the privileged place for the local populations during religious and popular festivals.

Baie Lucas

Located at Oyster Pond, this last beach on the French side before crossing the Dutch border is very popular with snorkeling enthusiasts. On the other hand, it remains little frequented because it is very exposed to the Atlantic swell and to the east wind.

Dawn Beach

Fine sand and coconut palms on this beautiful beach located near the Oyster Pond marina. Long remained wild, hotels were recently built around this pretty little beach.

Guana Bay

Very little frequented, Guana Bay is a magnificent, untouched beach that faces the island of Saint-Barthélemy. It is very popular with board sports enthusiasts who come to play with the waves that form on the beach. Please note: the current is strong at depth.

Geneve Bay

An hour's walk on a pleasant coastal path from Guana Bay, Geneve Bay is a wild and stony beach, well protected from the rollers of the Atlantic. A few meters further on, leaving the path, you can reach superb natural seawater pools.

Great bay

Great Bay Beach is located in the heart of Philipsburg, in the south of the island, and is bordered by the bars and restaurants that are located on the main drag, Front Street. It is arranged by a promenade that runs through it over a large part of its length, lined with deckchairs and boating activity huts. At its end, the decor is masterful with cruise liners stopping over. Enjoy sxm paradise !
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Little bay

Little Bay beach, to the south, is separated from Great Bay by the peninsula dominated by the Amsterdam Fort. It is thus well protected. Bordered by hotel complexes on one side and wild on the other, it offers calm and translucent water.

Cay Bay

Hardly accessible, the pretty little beach of Cay Bay is very often deserted. It is very popular with hikers and equestrian, and mountain bikers. It is also home to very beautiful sea beds.

Pelican Cay

Pelican Cay is a very pleasant little beach in front of the hotel complexes, facing Simpson Bay, in the southwestern part of the island.
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Simpson Bay

Along the runway of Princess Juliana International Airport and the picturesque fishing village of Simpson Bay, the beach presents a long stretch of fine, undeveloped sand that extends to the foot of the rocks of Pointe Burgeaux.

Burgeaux bay

Just after the long beach of Simpson Bay and Pointe Burgeaux, the beach of Burgeaux is a small stony beach, formed by a cove. Many shells and sea urchins are present there. It is a popular beach for surfers on swell days.

Maho Beach

Maho Beach has become famous for its unique location in the world, just at the end of the runway from Juliana Airport. It is a real attraction during the landings and take-offs of planes. The show is always there ... Be careful, however, not to spread your towel in the axis of the runway, caught in the blast of the reactors. the most amazing. sxm beaches
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Mullet Bay

This very beautiful sandy beach is located on the edge of the golf course. Mullet Bay is a very popular beach, both by tourists and locals. When the northern swell forms, it becomes a magnificent spot for surfers. Visit absolutely KALATUA Beach thes best beach restaurant of the island !!! Definitly our favorite of sxm beaches.


The beaches of Cupecoy are the last beaches on the Dutch side before crossing the border and heading north, partly French. At the foot of splendid ocher-colored cliffs, a slew of small beaches and coves follow one another. Calm reigns there and the sunsets are absolutely magnificent.

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